Hacking & Security

Leap Courses in the Hacking & Security track.

Hacking & Security (8 courses)

Cyber Security 101

Learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security.

Course Level: Basic

Cyber Security 201

Learn about Electronic Authentication, Application Whitelisting, Bluetooth Security, Patch Management, Media Sanitization, Secure DNS Deployment and more.

Course Level: Intermediate

Cloud Security 101

Learn the basics of cloud security.

Course Level: Basic

Cloud Security 201

Gain a deeper understanding of Cloud Security.

Course Level: Intermediate

Managing Information Security Risk

Learn everything you need to know about Risk Assessment, Audit & Management.

Course Level: Advanced

Web Application Security Testing

Learn everything you need to know about Web Application Security Testing.

Course Level: Intermediate

Malware Incident Prevention & Handling

Learn about malware threats, incident prevention & response.

Course Level: Basic